Zolge* - Over Alive (Flexi-disc)


Zolge* - Over Alive (Flexi-disc)

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 · Square flexi-disc with cardstock photo in a plastic sleeve. The back summarizes the "plot" of the upcoming album. Includes business-card-sized rebate coupon. "EMPSUN01" catalog number does not appear on the release; it is extracted from the matrix. Also sold as a bundle with the CD album and limited-edition lithograph from the artist’s US /5(18).

Mailorder-exclusive, limited edition flexi disc version of the John Carpenter single "Alive After Death," the title track to Lost Themes III: Alive After Death. Limited to Artwork is based on the animated video for "Alive After Death" by Boneface and Liam Brazier.

 · Old-time flexi-discs take their final spin. This is the way a once-proud technology ends: not with a snap and crackle of low-fidelity static, not with the incessant clicking of a needle stuck in a Author: DAVID DALEY.

HARUHIKO ASH - Vocals→ THE ZOLGE → Eve of Destiny AKI - Guitar, Backing Vocals ( - )→ THE ZOLGE → F.F → Jesus Believe Me, J.A.P.S → BLAST BEAT → THE BLANK GENERATION → Phaidia, The Third Generation, sweet sadistics, cheek trip HIDEKI - Bass, Backing Vocals→ ゾンビーズ → THE ZOLGE → THE BLANK GENERATION → The Third Generation REI SUICIDE - Drums, .

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