Becoming The Druid

Becoming The Druid

One can best become a Druid, in part, by living in awareness of the way in which your life affects the balance of the Eco-system. That doesn’t necessitate puritanical rejection of the modern world, but it does cause one to seek out ways in which to live that are less damaging – a greener life.

When you join the worldwide Druid community and take this course that has been inspired by the ancient Druids, these teachings will help you: • Develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Natural World • Open to your inner creativityEstimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

Becoming a druid. “I came to Druidry after passing through the Church of England, Wicca, Asatru, Christopaganism and the Metropolitan Community Church without finding what I really needed.

To be a Druid today is to live in accordance with nature, honouring nature in all that we do, with dedication and devotion, in service to the land, our gods and the community. In that, it is not so different from what we believe the ancients did!Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

First Degree: The first degree offers druids a set of tools (nature observation, meditation, lifestyle changes), practices and rituals (seasonal observation, the Sphere of Protection), nature knowledge (tree planting, experience, and learning) and an exploration into one or more of bardic, ovate, or druid studies. As this is a path of nature spirituality, our focus in the first degree is on nature herself and in deeply .

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