What Have We Done

What Have We Done

Impeccably researched and deeply personal, What Have We Done is a compassionate, finely drawn study of modern war and those caught up in it. It is a call to acknowledge our newest generation of veterans by listening intently to them and absorbing their stories; and, as new wars approach, to ponder the inevitable human costs of putting American "boots on the ground."/5(83).

What Have We Done book. Read 42 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From Pulitzer Prize-­winning journalist David Wood, a battlefield /5.

 · We did this to ourselves. We made our bed, now we have to sleep in we get off our asses and remake it. Some of you have no idea what you’ve done. You know now. It is time to do something about it. Sadly, some of you do know what you have done. To them, I say if you kick a dog long enough, pretty soon he’s gonna bite. I am tired of.

 · "What have we done?" is a full question with correct grammar. It's a realization someone makes when they first realize that they made a mistake. Another way to say it would be, "How did this happen?" "What we have done?" is an incomplete thought. Try "How do you know what we have done?".

 · The presentation is to explain the progress and future plan of our project. In this context, the "What we have done" section is meant to explain what we have done and what the outcomes are. I considered the term "Progress", but I thought it lacks implying the 'past' events. (It's like something we are still doing rather than we have done.)Reviews: 8.

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